"Enriching Lives Together"


Short History

It has been the great dream of Pasig Catholic College to have an organized Alumni Association that will serve as the partner and service arm of the school and the community.

Our late High School Principal, Mr. Antonio B. Cruz, formed a core group comprising selected high school alumni and some faculty members to work on this noble endeavor. Eventually, all comings and goings created initial motivation among the alumni. Series of meetings, gatherings and assemblies, however, did not produce long term commitment among them.

In the ‘80’s, the college department attempted to replicate the efforts to organize an alumni association. Despite the entire uphill struggle that they lived through, the officers and the alumni were not able to sustain verve to organize the alumni association.

In 1996, the leadership of Executive Assistant to the Mayor, Obet Barretto of high school Class ’71 set off the preliminary organization of the alumni association by sponsoring a Grand Alumni Homecoming Celebration during the Foundation Day Celebration. It was a stunning and impressive assembly that once more awakened the moral fiber among alumni to gather and keep in touch.

Two years later, School President Msgr. Manuel G. Gabriel and Mrs. Virginia C. Cacananta, the Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, deemed it proper to rejuvenate the initial undertaking of organizing the alumni association. Mrs. Rosario R. Caguingin, a teacher retiree, was tapped to be the Alumni Association Coordinator.

Instantaneously, an Ad hoc committee was formed. This committee got underway drafting or formulating the by-laws, objectives and raison d'etre (underlying principle) of the association. Lawyers were consulted about some provisions and legalities.

The Ad Hoc committee deliberated on the most appropriate scheme or approach to revive the alumni association. After series of meetings and brainstorming, they decided to send letters to the different alumni requesting them to select two representatives from their batch to attend the representatives’ assembly for an organizational meeting from where the board of directors in their respective department would be decided on. The two separate assemblies for the high school and college took place simultaneously. Before the elections, the representatives perused the contents of the by-laws and gave some suggestions.

The First High School Board of Directors:

Mr. Bert Edades - President
Anthony Sanchez - Vice-President
Mr. Raul Estomata
Mr. Rene Lipana - Treasurer
Mr. Jojo Marcelo
Mr. Rolly Abiog
Mr. Jill Jabson
Mr. Dino Edades
Mr. Egay Geronimo
Ms. Karen Grace Quilatan - Secretary
Mr. Nel Dolot
Mr. William Perez
Mr. Rey de Guzman
Mr. Venzon Nuevas
Mr. Ireneo Calzado

The First College Board of Directors:

Mrs. Elizabeth Eusebio - Treasurer
Mr. Vincent Cantanero - Vice-President
Ms. Mely Militar
Mr. Dennis Kintanar - President
Mr. Antonio Cruz - Secretary
Mrs. Yeng Ordonez
Ms. Pearl Antonio
Mrs. Marlene Delfin
Mr. Carmelito Santos - PRO
Mr. Duane Von Sumo
Mr. Dom Sanchez
Mr. Milaor Villegas
Ms. Ma. Rose Guevarra
Ms. Lhet Nuqui
Mrs. Rose Calinao - Asst. Treasurer

It was Batch ’74, the Jubilarian of 1999, who helped in legalizing PCCAAI by registering the association to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) on 04 February, 1999.

With the theme, “Forging Strategic Alliances with the Family and the Alumni”, the Association shared a portion of the income from that Alumni Homecoming to the scholarship of five deserving students form Rizal High School. The scholarship was governed by the Scholarship Foundation Committee of the school in collaboration with the family council and the alumni.

Finally, the Alumni Association had served its purpose. We hope and pray that with the blessings of the Almighty God, with the help and support of the school, and with the support and commitment of all the alumni, Pasig Catholic College Alumni Association, Incorporated will persevere as a strong, hearty servant and advocate of PCC’s mission to evangelize people by becoming the living witnesses of Christ’s gospel.

Vision and Mission